Mission Field We are a missions minded church. We support numerous missionaries and missions organizations. We schedule missionaries to come and give updates on their ministries and have special “Missionary Sundays” to keep our congregation informed. We publish greetings from our missionaries in our bulletin as they become available. We engage our children in missionary projects through the Sunday Bible School Program.
Ministry Name Status Location
America’s Keswick New Jersey
Atlantic City Rescue Mission New Jersey
CAM International Gary & Esperanza Williams Guatemala
Cedar Lane Missionary Homes New Jersey
Child Evangelism Fellowship James Gutacker New Jersey
Christar Kathy Benyak Texas
Christian Aid Mission Nepal & Pakistan
Central Missionary Clearinghouse Alejandro & Robin Armijo Chile
Crossworld Harry & Kathy Walker France
Crossworld Bob & Heidi Winslow France
ELWA Monrovia, Africa
Friends of Israel New Jersey
Hope Unlimited International Brazil
International Project Kevin & Jeanne King New York City
International Project Gary & Kelly Rowland New York City
– – – – Ryan & Amanda Kennedy Indonesia
Mission Aviation Fellowship
New Life Island Pennsylvania
OM International Youssef & Hie Tee Ourahmane Spain, Algeria
Open Door Pregnancy Center Toms River, NJ
Pioneers Lillian Evans Retired New Jersey
SIM International Myron & Alice Loss Retired Florida
SIM International Jackie Fowler Retired Florida
SIM International Ryan & Heidi Hannah Thailand
Slavic Gospel Yuri Retzvitsky
TEAM Phil & Anne Schwab Washington DC, China
Trans World Radio (TWR) Curt & Carol Detwiler North Carolina
Wycliffe Bible Translators Andy & Lori Keener Dallas, TX
Wycliffe Bible Translators Rod & Reenie Brown North Carolina